So you just got paid and you’ve got some money burning a whole in your pocket? It would be silly of you to waste that money on unimportant things like food, rent, or gas. Don’t worry, today we’re going to show you the true meaning of life through the eyes of a geek. So bust out your checkbook, because we’ve got some deals for you!

  1. Diamond Optical Mouse ($24,180) – This is the gift you give when you’ve bought the wife all the jewelry she could ever want…the diamond optical mouse! It’s made of 18 carat white gold and has 59 diamonds, but it’s only got three buttons?
    Most Expensive Mouse
  2. Handmade Keyboard ($4,362) – This was a handmade limited edition keyboard being offered by Fujitsu. Um, yeah, stylish.
    Most Expensive Keyboard
  3. JVC 110″ Monitor (estimated $53,000) – Despite being uber large this is restricted to a 1920×1080 resolution, which would mean the Start button would probably be the size of your fist. :)
    Most Expensive Monitor
  4. 64GB USB Drive ($4,749.99) – If you find yourself carrying around 30 or so 2GB flash drives on your keychain maybe it is time you fork out almost $5k on this 64GB drive. Better hurry though, you don’t know how long Office Depot will be able to keep these suckers in stock when they’re priced this low!
    Largest Flash Drive
  5. Carbon/Leather Mouse Pad ($524) – Don’t you just hate when your mouse pad breaks? Yeah, me too. If you had one that was solid carbon fiber with inlaid leather then maybe you wouldn’t have that darn problem! Oh look, here’s one now! ;)
    Most Expensive Mouse Pad