remote start This past weekend we took advantage of living back in the Chicago area and headed down to the Chicago Auto Show.  Apparently we still have cars on our minds because we are focusing today’s MyFive feature on gadget-equipped cars which there were plenty of at the show! Today’s MyFive is a list of different gadgets that you can find in cars on the market today that may (or may not)become standard in vehicles over time.

  1. Rear Parking Assistance

    Everybody has been able to back-up without assistance over the last however many years just fine, yet the rear-parking assistance feature is becoming a “must-have” feature. One such car that offers this is the Lexus ES 350. It’s called “Intuitive Parking Assist” and uses sensors to detect how close the vehicles are to surrounding objects. Other cars like the Chevy Tahoe and the Toyota Sienna also offer a similar feature.

  2. Real-Time Traffic Information

    Car-maker Acura sells cars that come with AcuraLink. That is the name of the system that they use to display real-time traffic info on the navigation screen.  Only certain cities are included, but if you live in one of the covered cities, it could sure come in handy! I’m just waiting for the time when they incorporate the navigation system with the traffic information to guide you on the fastest route possible based upon traffic conditions that day.

  3. Heated/Cooled Cup holders

    This year Cadillac will be introducing the 2009 Escalade Platinum that will include all kinds of gadgets that any geek would sure love like LCD screens for the back seat passengers and a flip-down screen in the ceiling. Another feature is that the cup holders offer the option to heat or cool your drink. Want your coffee to stay nice at hot in the mornings? No problem! Want the icy cold drink to stay cold on a hot Summer day? No Problem!

  4. Remote Start

    While Remote Start systems have been around for quite a while, they’re still one of those features that not everybody realizes is available.  From Chevy to Toyota, a remote start system is a feature that most car-makers offer their customers.

  5. Bluetooth

    How many of you use a Bluetooth headset? Probably quite a few because Bluetooth is becoming pretty popular. Many automakers out there like Toyota and Chrysler offer the option to have a Bluetooth system installed in which you can make and receive calls without ever holding a phone. Users can place a call simply by verbally saying the name of a contact that they have previously stored in the system.