The holidays are right around the corner and and sitting at the top of many die-hard geek’s wish lists are techy type gadgets. Instead of pointing out the obvious “must-have’s” like the iPhone, an iPod, a Wii or a Playstation, we’ll take a look at five of the not so obvious gifts.

  1. Vudu
    Vudu is a new product that brings movies right to your living room without the need of a computer. It means no trips to the movie store, no waiting for movies in the mail. All that’s required is a TV, a Vudu unit, and a broadband Internet connection.  Priced at $399, the Vudu could turn out to be the next “big thing” in movies. Especially with all of the HD content they offer.
  2. Sling Media Slingbox
    This is the device you’ll need if you want to watch your TiVo’d shows anywhere that you have a Wi-Fi connection.  The Sling Media Slingbox streams live TV or anything you may have on your DVR device to a laptop or a desktop. Priced at $249, it’s a great gift for the TV junky.
  3. Swarovski USB Memory Key
    For $178 you can carry around a Swarovski Crystal 1GB USB Drive
    usb drive
  4. Palm Centro
    The Palm Centro is Palm’s smallest smartphone with a rather small price tag – just $99 with a new contract from Spring. It’s got a full keyboard and al kinds of features that make it a “must-have” gadget.
    palm centro
  5. LG Electronics Dual Format DVD Player
    This DVD player settles the war between Blu-Ray and HD DVD by supporting both! It’s $1200 bucks but could be worth it…