navigation system Forbes Autos recently put together a list of five different technology trends that we’re starting to see regularly in cars. Each of the trends will really change automobiles in a big way! Let’s take a look…

  1. In-car computers
    Knowing our audience, plenty of you would love to have a computer built-in to your car.  According to the list, this is one of those features that is becoming a trend and we’ll start to see it more and more in vehicles in the future. Some cars already offer such a feature (Ford with their F series trucks offers an in-dash system) and typically the computer can only be used while the car is in park for obvious safety reasons. For those who work out of their cars and make frequent on-site calls to customers, this would be a great feature to have. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have my entire library of music available in my car, without needing an iPod connected. A built-in computer could make this happen.
  2. Connect Your MP3 Player
    Okay, this one is no surprise. Instead of needing a cassette tape adapter to listen to music off of your MP3 player, many cars come with the connection. This means sound quality is much better. They say 2008 is the year in which this feature will be standard on all luxury cars, and it’ll start becoming more common among non-luxury cars as well. Some cars even take this feature a little further by fully integrating the player into the car’s audio controls.
  3. Bluetooth
    Just how Bluetooth is starting to become a standard with computers, it’s also starting to become standard in cars. When Bluetooth is integrated into the car, it means that drivers can easily talk on their phone without an ear piece. They say, “you’ll find it (Bluetooth) in your car stereo, your visor, or on top of your dashboard, so that if your phone is connected, you can simply speak aloud and place a call.”
  4. Improved Navigation
    Several years ago, the only cars that offered a built-in GPS system were luxury cars. Now more and more non-luxury cars come with them or at least offer a GPS as an option. The navigation systems themselves are improving quite a bit too as far as details and image quality goes. Instead of simply saying “turn left in 0.3 miles” they now say “turn left onto Main Street in 0.3 miles.” The text-to-speech technology has improved quite a bit.

    Then of course there’s the fact that the stand-alone GPS devices are quite affordable. They were one of the hottest selling products during the holiday season in 2007!

  5. Less Buttons
    While all of the technology continues to get more complex, thankfully they’re not adding more buttons to control the technology in automobiles. The latest trend is to control everything on a sleek touch-screen including temperature and music.