oldies but goodies The month of March has just started and we thought it was the perfect time to bring back some “oldies but goodies” – some of our favorite articles from March of 2007. Today’s MyFive takes you back a year ago and highlights what was going on. If you enjoy reading some of the older content, remember that you can subscribe to the CyberNet Classics RSS feeds. There are two to choose from and we explain and link to them below:

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MyFive Favorite Articles – March 2007

  1. Microsoft Rebrands Hotmail
    March 2007 was when Microsoft finished rebranding Hotmail. As most of you know, it’s now Windows Live Hotmail. This new name was meant to satisfy both the old and the new users and give their mail service a whole new look.
    Read: Microsoft Rebranding Complete for Windows Live Hotmail – March 30th, 2007
  2. Speed Dial Introduced to Opera
    It’s hard to believe that Speed Dial has been around for about a year, but it has. It was actually one of the features that drew me into Opera in the first place because it makes it easy to keep track of my favorite sites. It came when Opera 9.2 Beta was released.
    Read: Opera 9.2 Beta Available – Includes New Speed Dial Feature – March 28th, 2007
  3. Create a Feed for Sites Without Syndication
    Because RSS feeds have become so popular, it can get frustrating when you come across a site without syndication. There are several ways to create a feed for these sites and in March, 2007 we explained how you could do this using a service called Feedity. The comments are also a great resource because readers included additional services that do the same thing.
    Read: How to Create a Feed for Sites Without Syndication – March 17th, 2007
  4. Replace Your Windows Taskbar
    If you ever wanted to replace the Windows Taskbar, you’ll certainly find this article pretty interesting. Ryan explained how to use RocketDock to replace your Windows Taskbar. He even included screencasts that help explain everything in detail. RocketDock is free and has a lot of great features.
    Read: Using RocketDock to Replace the Windows Taskbar – March 20, 2007
  5. Setup an FTP Server…Quick!
    I frequently get asked how people can setup their own FTP.  Some of the current programs available always seem intimidating with the extensive list of configuration options when most people only want to access their own documents when they’re away from their PC.” Using Quick n’ Easy FTP Server Lite, you can setup an FTP in less than 30 seconds and this article explains how.
    Read: Setup an FTP Server in less than 30 Seconds – March 27th, 2007