I don’t know about you, but these days I find myself buying more and more stuff online rather than going to the store. Most things are cheaper on the Internet if you spend the time looking for a bargain, and nowadays many places will ship things for free. The problem is trying to keep up with all of the packages you’re supposed to be receiving.

That’s why we had previously covered some of the best sites for tracking packages. As you can imagine having to go to a website is not necessarily the best way to do this, and that’s why we also wanted to highlight five widgets/gadgets that will bring the information to you. Each of the widgets listed below run on a different widget platform, and so there’s really something for everyone.

1. Delivery Status for Mac Dashboard [Homepage] Mac

Supported carriers: Canada Post, DHL/AirBorne, FedEx, Japan Post, Royal Mail, Posten, Purolator, UPS, USPS, and more

This is one of the most advanced tracking widgets I’ve ever seen. Not only does it let you enter in your tracking number, but it also accepts order information for stores such as Apple, Amazon, and more. Plus if you use Growl you can enable desktop notifications.

delivery status mac.jpg

2. PackageTrackr for Vista Sidebar [Homepage] Windows

Supported carriers: FedEx, DHL/AirBorne, UPS, and USPS

You can manage several different packages with this sidebar gadget. When you click on one of the packages a small window will flyout showing you the details, and also includes a map view so that you can see the path your package has taken.


3. Package Tracker for Google Desktop [Homepage] Windows Mac Linux

Supported carriers: FedEx, DHL/AirBorne, UPS, and USPS

This Google gadget of course integrates with Google Maps to show your package’s route, and gives you details on where the package is currently located.

package tracker google.jpg

4. Package Tracker for Opera [Homepage] Windows Mac Linux

Supported carriers: FedEx, DHL/AirBorne, UPS, and USPS

This is pretty much a play-by-play gadget that regurgitates the information provided by the shipping sites, but does so in a convenient and compact format.

package tracker opera.jpg

5. Universal Shipment Tracker for Yahoo! Widgets [Homepage] Windows Mac

Supported carriers: FedEx, DHL/AirBorne, Purolator, UPS, and USPS

Definitely not the prettiest shipment tracking widget, but it gets the job done if your a Yahoo! Widget user. One of the nice things is that you can adjust the frequency of updates in the options.

universal shipment tracker.jpg