With Microsoft’s "Ultimate Steal" program launching today, I thought it was appropriate to base today’s "MyFive" on Office 2007! Here are five reasons why I love the new Microsoft Office 2007.

–Reasons to Love Microsoft Office 2007–

  1. Ribbon Toolbar – The new ribbon toolbar in Office 2007 replaces the traditional menus and toolbars, and it’s awesome – once you get used to it of course.  If you’re used to a previous version of Office, give it a chance.  The ribbon is one of those things I can’t imagine not having because it saves me so much time – particularly in Microsoft Word. Everything seems easier to find, and you can even minimize the ribbon if you feel like it’s taking up too much room.
  2. Mail Merge – This one may not rank high on your list, and perhaps it’s because you don’t know how to use it, but it’s extremely helpful if you have to send the same document to multiple people.  In Word 2007, there’s a "Mailings" tab on the ribbon which will guide you through the process, and we’ve got a "How-to" guide which you can find here that will help as well.
  3. Format Photos in Word – It’s actually pretty amazing what you can do with photos in Microsoft Word 2007. There’s a great selection of "Picture Styles" that you can apply to your photos, and you’ll get a live preview of what your photo will look like before a style actually gets applied.
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts – Another big change with this version of office are the keyboard shortcuts. While there were keyboard shortcuts before, they’ve been taken to a whole new level. There’s so much you can do with the shortcuts and they save time! You can nearly do anything you’d like without the use of your mouse in Office. All you have to do is press the ALT key and you’ll see little labels pop up which will show you "key tips" or what letter you need to press for a particular tab in the ribbon.  And then once you select a particular tab, you’ll get a new set of "key tabs" for the new menu that gets displayed.
  5. If you’re a student, it’s cheap! – Getting Office 2007 for $59 is a reason in itself. With Microsoft’s recently launched "Ultimate Steal" promotion for students, you can’t help but love it.