With Google’s latest project called Lively being released this week, we thought we’d take a look at some of the services that they should introduce. Google seems to want to cover every topic out there, and we’re sure eventually they will.

google services.png

  1. Music – why music you ask? It just sounds like something Google would get into. And besides, there’s already been traces of Google working on a music service in China!
  2. Travel – if they introduced some type of travel site, they’d be able to incorporate Google Maps and all that it offers. If users were to search for vacation information on a certain city, Google could direct them to use Google Street View to get a better idea of what the place looked like.
  3. Automotive – we wrote about a site called RepairPal a few weeks ago as a place where you could get honest auto repair information. It’s a great site, but they don’t have information on some of the auto repair shops out there. Google might be able to better tackle the job of providing honest auto repair information.
  4. Social Search – there are hundreds of search engines out there and it might be nice if Google offered a Social Search. Users could enter in all of their social network credentials and then be able to search them all right from Google. Maybe something like FriendFeed.
  5. Food – a centralized place to search for recipes around the web would be great for those that are into cooking. They could also offer their own rating system for these recipes like what they already offer for restaurants.

Any services you’d like Google to introduce?