This past week, I experienced several days where the phone rang multiple times throughout the day with a caller claiming I took an online survey about continuing my education. The caller claimed that they wanted to help me find courses to take. Knowing I hadn’t filled out any such survey about my education, I was curious and asked for the URL of the website. The caller simply ignored the question, thanked me for my time, and hung up. The first time it happened it was no big deal because stuff like that happens. Once the same number appeared, but with a different caller, multiple times throughout the day, and I experienced the same scenario I was annoyed.

Eventually I decided to perform a Google search for the phone number, and to my surprise, found multiple sites available where people were complaining about the same number, and the same situation. It was great to see others were having the same types of conversations, like I did, asking for the URL from the caller and getting no response. Thankfully after a couple of days of receiving about five phone calls a day from these people, the calls stopped.

Today’s MyFive is a collection of sites that allow you to lookup an unknown caller by their telephone number. Once you enter a number and they find a match, you can read comments from other people and contribute your own. Everybody, even those on the “Do Not Call” list, will still get unwanted calls on occassion. These sites will help you identify the callers and get more information on who they are and what they want when they call.

1. Who Called

2. WhoCallsMe

Phone Call Comments.png

3. 800Notes –


4. Caller Complaints –


5. CallFerret –