vista bus Windows Vista is coming up on its one year anniversary since it officially launched, and some of you are just now getting around to determining if you should make the upgrade. Today we thought we’d share five different things you’ll want to do before joining the bandwagon and making the upgrade to Vista so that in the end, you’ll be satisfied with the experience you had.

  1. Determine if Vista is right for you…
    If you’re content with XP, is there a reason to switch right now? This is the first thing you need to determine before you even begin the process of upgrading to Vista.  CyberNet’s Windows Vista Review with Screenshots may be helpful in this first step.
  2. Use Vista Upgrade Advisor
    The Vista upgrade advisor can be found here and will prove to be beneficial in determining if your computer is ready for Windows Vista.  The Vista Upgrade Advisor will run on your computer and scan for devices and program compatibility issues.
  3. Manually Check Hardware Compatibility
    Want to know if your webcam or video card will work? You’ll want to visit this site that Microsoft has put together. Everything is broken down into a variety of different categories.  Once you select a category, you can break it down further into company. There are literally thousands of devices listed that are certified for Vista.
  4. Determine which version is right for you
    Microsoft has been teased for releasing so many different versions of Vista.  How is one to know which one is right for them? Luckily it’s easy.  For a quick overview, checkout a site that Microsoft has put together. It’ll briefly explain each version and give you an idea of what might be good for you.  For more in-depth information, check out CyberNet’s “Windows Vista Feature Comparison” chart that we put together.
  5. Shop around for pricing
    This is important, especially if you’re a student or teacher.  There are discounted versions out there that you might be eligible for.  Checkout Academic Superstore, because this is one place where you can get the discount. Additionally, you’ll want to determine if you’re eligible for upgrade pricing.  If you have XP Professional, Home, Media Center, Tablet PC, XP Professional x64, or Windows 2000, you’re eligible for upgrade pricing. Check for that information here.