When the iPod came out, a whole new industry to sell iPod accessories was born. Now there are hundreds of different accessories that consumers can purchase. Some are useful and on the practical side while others are just plain weird and there for fun. Today we’re taking a look at five different “weird” iPod/iPhone accessories.

  1. iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Holder
    The image of this one does all of the talking.  For $69.95 you can “enhance your experience in any room” with the iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Holder. Features include:
    – charges your iPod while playing music
    – audio selector allows you to play your iPod shuffle or other Audio device
    – integrated bath tissue holder than can be easily folded as a stereo clock
    icarta ipod toilet paper holder 
  2. iFish
    iFish is a “music-loving interactive speaker.  Simply play iFish some of your favorite tunes and prepare to be amazed as it comes to life, swishing its segmented tail and flashing its LED ‘mood’lights.  Thanks to a couple of wheels in its belly, iFish can even spin around and “swim” on your desk. It can be yours for $39.95. To see a video of iFish in action, click here.
  3. R2D2 Projector
    The R2D2 Projector features a projector to project movies or games on an 80-inch screen. It’s got a whole slew of other features and among them is an iPod dock. Crazy! You can find this at The Sharper Image for $2,500.
    r2d2 projector
  4. iPhone Mobile Phone Telescope
    The iPhone Mobile Phone Telescope will help you get a closer view using the built-in camera. It’ll also help you take better pictures by allowing you to zoom in and out with 6x optical lens.
    iPhone telescope
  5. KNG iPod DJ Dock
    For $89.99 you can purchase the KNG FunKit DJ Animated iPod speaker system. It’ll dance and scratch to your music, and lights will flash in preprogrammed sequences for a complete disco effect.
    kng funkit