bored cat After you’ve read all of the news on CyberNet and you find yourself bored with nothing to do, what to you do? Play a game, surf the net, chat? Today I’m sharing five places where you can go on the web when you’re bored (that aren’t social networks).

  1. Kongregate – with over 2,500 games there’s bound to be at least a handful of games that might interest you. Their top five games include:
    Desktop Tower Defense 1.5
    Dolphin Olympics 2
    Boxhead: 2Play Rooms
    Portal: The Flash Version
    The Fancy Pants Adventures
  2. StumbleVideo – brought to you by StumbleUpon except you don’t need to install an add-on or extension to use it.  Simply go to and click the “Stumble” button. It’ll pull up all kinds of random movies and you can determine if you like it or not. Based upon rating, they’ll try to display videos similar to the ones you liked. They also have “channels” like humor (my favorite channel) which you can select which provides endless hours of entertainment!
  3. Fat Wallet/SlickDeals Forums – this is where we’ve found tons of deals! When you dig through the forums and read through the threads and find deals before they become popular or “hot”, you can be one of the first to get your hands on something. This ensures you actually get it before the deal becomes “dead.” Visit FatWallet forums and the SlickDeals forums.
  4. 10 Paper Air Planes – who says only kids can make paper airplanes when they’re bored? This site has animated images that guide you through making 10 different paper airplanes like “The Stealth” or “The Moth.” If you’re not into paper air planes, try Paper Toys.  It’s a site that offers all kinds of print out paper toys for kids and grown-ups alike. All you have to do is print, cut, fold and glue. Anybody want a paper Mercedes 320 SL?
  5. How Stuff WorksHow Stuff Works is great for those times when you have a few minutes to spare and there’s not enough time to start a game or do something else. It takes just a minute and you can learn how something works like circuit breakers or a computer monitor! They have all kinds of explanations in different categories so you can learn new facts that are actually interesting to you.  Visiting this site will ensure that you learn something new everyday like that saying goes. :)