Netscape has just launched their new version of My.Netscape into Beta. It went live today and looks and acts similar to NetVibes or the Google Personalized Homepage. They’ve included modules that you can click, drag, drop, and position just how you’d like it.


For whatever reason, they’ve decided not to include any ads with this initial release. While ads can be tastefully placed for monetization, it’ll be nice for users to have a completely clean user interface.

On their announcement, they also mention that they’re trying to finish up a migration feature for previous users of My.Netscape so that all of their preferences, and their stock portfolio will transfer over.

What is My.Netscape missing? For starters, tabs. NetVibes lead the way and introduced tabs, and Google followed. It’s been a nice addition, and helps keep your page organized and easy to navigate. This makes it surprising that My.Netscape didn’t think to add this helpful feature.

Hopefully My.Netscape will be enough to give the Netscape brand the boost that they need after their Web Browser went down the tubes. So far, most of the comments regarding the new site appear to be positive except for a few bugs being reported here and there, but that’s expected.

Source: Read/Write Web