Free For All Friday

With a new semester of college underway, many students will be looking for a way to organize themselves whether it be with their class notes or assignments. Simply keeping track of notes and assignments can be quite the task, especially when students are distracted multiple times throughout the day with social sites like MySpace or Facebook.  I’m guilty of using both, and at times they are addicting and can keep me from staying on task.  One site that was brought to my attention called has lots of tools that college students would be looking for to keep themselves organized. is a fairly new site in beta that is easy to use, and best of all, free! Afterall, what college student has money they’re willing to fork out for the sake of organization?  In an email we received from Alex Weidmann, one of the developers, he says “[mynoteIt] was created and developed by two college students who are just trying to make school a little easier for everybody.” That’s the first plus– college students designing something FOR college students, you can’t go wrong there! They update their blog regularly with notes and updates to the site. What is mynoteIt all about? Here are some of the features (this list is not exhaustive):

–Workspace Utilities–

This feature certainly would have been helpful for me last semester while I struggled my way through Spanish class. Many colleges and universities require students to take a foreign language whether they want to or not. And of course, many struggle or barely make it through.  With workspace utilities, you’re able to look up and translate words, even sentences between languages. This can be done while you’re taking class notes and would definitely help the struggling foreign language student.

–Share notes with friends–

There are a multitude of reasons why students miss (or shall I say skip?) class. And of course after the fact, you can find them scrambling to get a friend to email class notes or visa versa– you’re the one your friends are coming to after they’ve skipped class because they know you take good notes. Regardless of the situation, sharing notes with friends is made easy. You have the option when you’re taking notes to make them private or public.  And then when you’re wanting to share them with friends, you’re able to email them, send them through mynoteIt, or give them a direct link to the notes.

According to their blog entry on August 15th, they’ve added the ability to tag your notes which also means you’re able to search for notes by tags. Just think about the possibilities with that! They also have a comment system so that users are able to comment and leave feedback on your notes– this could potentially be beneficial to you and those who view your notes.

–mynoteIT search–

The search feature makes it possible to search your notes or community notes.  For now, it is probably best to search your own notes until more users start using the service.  I did a community search on “computer programming” with no results. As more users add content, the community search feature could become a useful tool for writing papers, researching, etc.

–Auto-save notes–

Worried about losing all of your notes? uses a WYSIWYG note editor that will save your work every 10 seconds. This leaves you with no room or reason to worry about what happens to your work when your browser crashes. Occasionally that does happen and normally it does so when you least expect it.

–Upcoming assignment reminder–

After setting up an account, I spent a few minutes playing around with the site and some of the features. With the upcoming assignment reminder, you’ll be emailed when you have an assignment due in the next week.  Additionally, if you are involved in groups, the group activity feature will track the activity and email you when/if there are updates. The reminder feature ought to keep you from being that unreliable group member that always forgets to show up for group meetings!

–mynoteIT Groups–

I don’t know about you, but in previous semesters I’ve been bombarded with group projects. When you have multiple groups you’re working with, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where to meet and when and with who, and then of course communicating about the project when you’re not at school can be a nightmare. That’s why I like the group feature where you can add all of your group members and send messages to them. Another option within the groups is to share a calendar with important group dates on it. 

–A few additional things–

As of August 10th, they’ve redesigned their grade tracking program. While I was not familiar with their previous version, the new version is said to make things a bit easier. You’re able to enter in the scores you received, and the grade tracker will tell you what grade you have for each class. On your  mynoteIt homepage, there is a “to-do” list to help keep yourself organized and on track. It’s easy to add an additional item to the list with a click.

One thing that might be a useful addition would be a graphic of your schedule of classes.  I always like to visually see what chunks of my day are blocked out from classes so I know when I can schedule a group meeting or when I have free time, etc.

All in all  is a very useful site for any college student.  Again, as mentioned, the list of features I covered is not exhaustive. There are lots of things to play around and you don’t even have to register in order to try it. They haven’t been around for too long and are clearly growing. Once students utilize the note feature, searching notes from other members would be pretty useful. If you’re a student and you need some help with organization, check it out and let the team of developers know what you liked and what you want to see. I know they’re open to any suggestions!