Whether you’re a user of Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, or many others you’ll probably find MyPictr to be useful. Initially the site doesn’t seem very useful and I almost didn’t see the point of it. I only saw a box for pixel dimensions and a zoom slider that looked like other photo services. Then I noticed the drop-down menu with a large list of social networks such as the ones that I mentioned earlier.

MyPictr is essentially a cropping service and when you select a network from the menu it will resize the box for cropping. Just move that box around, zoom in/out as you see fit, and hit PictrIt to produce a cropped image that fits the requested dimensions. You no longer need to find what dimensions are needed for the various social networks and you don’t even need run an application to crop the image. MyPictr will do it all for you.

Thanks for the tip Radu!