I’m not quite sure how many of our readers are partiers, but with the Super Bowl coming up, chances are some of you will be throwing a party.  Released just in time for your party is MyPunchbowl to help with all of the planning. To sum up MyPunchbowl in just a sentence, it’s an easy way to plan a party with a different interface for each stage, and allows you to plan and socialize with party goers before, and after the party. Accounts are free.

I created an account to play around and see what it was like.  The screenshot below gives you an idea of what you’d see if you were the party planner.  One of the first things that you’d do after creating a new party is either send a “Save the Date” to your guests, or a “full invitation.”  The save the date feature is perfect if you’re planning the event well in advance and want to give your guests a heads-up. When creating your guest list, you can either manually enter in guests and email addresses, or you can import them using the Plaxo widget.  This makes it easy for you if you use Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

They also made good use of Flickr.  When setting up your party, you can select an image.  You can either upload your own, or search Flickr.  Another way Flickr has been integrated is for the photo section.  After the party, you or your guests can upload pictures from your Flickr account to share with other people at the party. It’s a very simple user interface that includes all of the important aspects of planning a party.  Using Google, you can create a map for the party location.  They also use Google to search for party stores in your area.  When the search results appear, it will list the store, along with its’ address and phone number for easy access.

Other features that I haven’t mentioned yet:

  • Ability to create customized invitations to send to family and friends
  • Stress-free RSVP to ensure a more personal interaction between host and guest
  • Party message board to network and socialize before and after the party
  • “after party” features to reminisce and share party memories

MyPunchbowl is a pretty comprehensive service that guides you through the party planning process and turns it into a complete online planning experience. I really like the customization options, and the fact that it guides you from before the party all the way through until after the party.  It just launched today, and again, it’s free. Go check it out and get your Super Bowl parties planned.