A couple of weeks ago, Photobucket and MySpace were feuding again (round 2) after MySpace blocked Photobucket videos and video remixes from displaying on MySpace profiles. Photobucket turned to their users to protest this move by MySpace and pressure them to change.

Finally they worked out their issues, and now embedded videos are permitted again. No details were given, other than on the Photobucket blog they say that “after discussions with MySpace, we’re pleased to announce that all Photobucket videos and remixes are enabled one more on MySpace.

It always amazes me when feuds like this come about with MySpace. Their users should always come first, and with so many people relying on Photobucket, there were a lot of angry MySpacers who felt that they weren’t first on the priority list in the grand scheme of things.

I’m sure all of the negative press that MySpace has gotten over this helped them get over their issues with Photobucket pretty quickly. It made them look like the Big Bad Wolf, and understandably so. But seeing as MySpace has already done this twice with Photobucket, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they did it again with any of the services that MySpacers use to personalize their profiles.

Source: Mashable