MySpace is going from social network to social news today as they add on the addition of “MySpace News.” They’re expecting that their 100+ million users will make it the next social news success story as users will be voting on their favorite news items.

It’s been labeled the “Digg Killer” simply because it’s a social type of news service, however MySpace news will serve a much different purpose.  Those millions of MySpace users go to MySpace on a daily basis to socialize with their friends first, maybe watch a video, or check on their favorite bands.The news will be a secondary service that not everyone will take interest in.


Digg users on the other hand, go to Digg for a more focused purpose– to read, vote, submit, and comment on the news. Labeling MySpace News a Digg-Killer really is exaggerating it. And un-like Digg, for now anyways, it is not user submitted content. MySpace will be pulling it in from RSS feeds that they have selected.


The screenshots above came from TechCrunch. You’ll notice that each user can vote on an article and give it a ranking between 1–5. With 25 main categories and 300 sub-categories, it sounds like they’ll be covering just about everything.

Why they chose Thursday as their big launch day, I don’t know. But it’s supposed to debut shortly at For now it’s password protected.