MySpace is all about customization and allowing users to create personalized profiles. However, up until this point, users generally had to turn to outside sources to add that element of customization to their profiles.  There are hundreds of third party sources that offer pre-designed themes and backgrounds for MySpace pages for free. I had always wondered why MySpace never had a profile editor built in because it’s something that most of their users would use.

Finally today after years in business, MySpace introduced a profile editor.  It’s a matter of convenience now, and because users won’t have to leave MySpace to track down a theme or an editor, I’m thinking it will get used a lot.


While the profile editor doesn’t cover EVERY aspect of what some users like in their profile, it does cover the basics like background modules, images, fonts, links, etc.  The announcement on MySpace says that it’s been made possible by 20th Century Fox. They’re also using this editor as another way to bring in sponsorship dollars by offering a featured theme. The current theme is designed around the movie “Live Free or Die Hard,” and I’m sure it’ll be changing frequently.

It’s important to note that if you’re using anything other than Internet Explorer, you won’t be able to use the profile editor.  If you are using a different browser, you’ll see a message explaining that this is in beta, and they’re working on making it available for other browsers.

After realizing that it wouldn’t work in my Firefox browser, I opened up Internet Explorer to give it a try. It does exactly what you’d expect it to do, and I’d say it’s easy to use. At least from my experiences, they give you more customization options than other editors I’ve used.  You can change the look of individual modules on the page, whereas other editors I’ve used only gave the option to create one look that was applied for all modules.

I’m sure those that provide the third party editors aren’t too happy today because this could potentially take away a good chunk of their business. Just remember, you’ll need Internet Explorer if you want to give the new editor a try.

MySpace Profile Editor