MySpace, the Social Network Monster is in the process of rolling out their photo albums feature.  Previously when you uploaded photos there was no way to group them into albums, and photos had to be uploaded individually which was definitely more of a hassle than it needed to be.


Now when you go to add/edit photos you’ll notice a new photo uploader that allows you to upload multiple photos at one time.  They’ve also increased the size limit from 600KB to 1200 KB per photo which means that photos will look better in terms of quality. (The image above shows what the new uploader looks like.)


Another new addition is a Slideshow Creator so that you can add Slideshows to your profile.  You can select the album you’d like to pull the picture from, select the color scheme, choose whether or not you want captions, and decide on the speed.

This is definitely a much needed improvement for MySpace. Their main competitor Facebook has always had the option to upload multiple photos at once as well as create albums (for as long as I’ve been using it anyways). Uploading photos to MySpace has been tedious up until this point.

If your photos have disappeared, don’t worry, they should be coming back soon (that’s what they say anyways!). They’re still working out a few bugs.