It was just over a week ago that Google was demanded by Viacom to remove 100,00 video clips. Just recently, MySpace has announced that they’re taking proactive measures to protect copyrighted videos on MySpace.  They already have a filtering service in place that blocks music which is not authorized.  Their new measures would protect video content.

Chris DeWolfe, MySpace’s co-founder says that “MySpace is dedicated to ensuring that content owners, whether large or small, can both promote and protect their content in our community. For MySpace, video filtering is about protecting artists and the work they create.”

Currently, MySpace is licensing technology from Audible Magic Corp who obtained rights to a system for scanning video clips.  The system looks for signature vectors like a fingerprint to compare with vectors stored in a database.  If a match is found, then the video would be blocked.

Sharing videos is a huge part of the social-network giant, which many people enjoy and use to increase their networking. This new technology could potentially keep MySpace out of the legal limbo which other video services, like YouTube are facing.

Source: CBC News