MySpace TV has launched. Go take a look for yourself and the first thing you’ll probably notice is that it has a very familiar resemblance of YouTube. Yep, MySpaceTV blatantly copied YouTube in more ways than one. While it makes sense for MySpace to take a video-sharing route, they could’ve at least put some effort into making the site their own.


Download Squad puts it best when they say, “If you can’t beat them, become them” because that’s exactly what they did.

Some of the similarities that initially stood out for me:

  • Upload Videos – same location, both use arrow icon
  • Tabbing – same location, just a different order plus one additional tab with MySpace
  • Featured Videos– front and center!
  • Related Videos– when watching a video, related videos are to the bottom right. Same exact location as YouTube

I guess on the bright side, if you’re familiar with YouTube and you’re thinking about using MySpaceTV, there won’t be many changes to get used to!

Mashable put together a great comparison of the two that points out twelve different similarities. This doesn’t really come as a surprise though, because it seems everybody copies one another these days.


Hopefully for MySpace, their new TV site will fair better than MySpace News. Remember that? There was a decent amount of hype surrounding it when it launched back in April. I just went to check on it today and there are only a few votes for each news story. Rather pathetic if you ask me.