Nested GmailOne feature that I’ve always wanted in Gmail was the ability to organize my labels in a folder-like structure. By that I mean that I want to nest the labels one inside of another so that my list isn’t quite so long. This kind of structure is probably referred to the most as sub-labels.

The other day Lifehacker posted an awesome Greasemonkey script that does just that. It’s called Folders4Gmail and has instructions on installing it for Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Just make sure you follow the steps because I was a little confused since I didn’t realize that I needed to create a parent label. Here’s what I had to do to get my "ISU" structure in the screenshot to the right:

  1. Create a parent label:
    Create a label named ISU
  2. Rename your labels:
    Com S to ISU\Com S
    General to ISU\General
    Senior Design to ISU\Senior Design
  3. Now there are four labels:
    ISU\Com S
    ISU\Senior Design

The script automatically treats the slash ("\") as a folder divider, and you must have a parent label created otherwise it doesn’t work. One of the other cool things is that you can actually deeply nest multiple labels, which means you can have "folders" inside of "folders"! Ahh…I’m really lovin’ this script!

Folders4Gmail is also part of the Lifehacker Firefox extension called Better Gmail. That extension offers a great list of Gmail-related scripts that can make your email experience so much better. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!