When Steve Jobs first announced the Apple TV, a device for playing digital content from iTunes, he was probably expecting it to become more of a hit than what it is. Sales aren’t exactly stellar which leaves plenty of room for competition to come in and steal the show. In this case, it’s Netflix’s first streaming box made by Roku which in some ways, is coming in to shine brighter than the Apple TV. It’s priced at an affordable $99 dollars compared to $229 or $329 for the Apple TV.

The one thing both devices have in common is that they allow users to watch movies. In the situation with the set-top box from Roku, Netflix subscribers will be able to access the Netflix library of about 10,000 movies and have them streamed. The only cost to Netflix subscribers is the cost of the box and the monthly service plan of at least $9 dollars. The cost to Apple TV users is higher because they are required to pay for every movie that they want to rent or purchase from iTunes which can quickly add up.

netflix roku set top box.png

Above is the image of the Roku Netflix Player and the one thing it doesn’t have that the Apple TV does is a case that looks sharp. Apple sure does know how to design, don’t they? The Apple TV looks classy while the Roku set-top-box is lacking in the “aesthetically pleasing” category. Another downside for Netflix subscribers who purchase a box is that there’s no HD support quite yet. It is easy to set-up though and automatically syncs your Instant Queue says PCMag.com who reviewed it and gave it a 4 out of 5.

For any of you that are Netflix subscribers, is this box something worth buying given its affordable price and are the movies that Netflix offers for streaming ones you’d want to watch?

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Source: Engadget