Netvibes Adds Meebo Instant Messaging

Netvibes, the popular custom Ajax web 2.0 home page service has announced that they have added Meebo (helps you chat with your friends with an online interface) and Alexa (the website tracking service) modules to enhance the customizable online home page. The Alexa module will display colorful graphs and provide you will traffic information for up to five sites. You can view daily traffic rank trends, daily page views (per millions), or daily reach. Configuring the module is easy. You just have to enter the URL of the sites you want to add and click okay. The Meebo module will create a new tab automatically so there’s enough room to chat with everyone! You’re able to switch between tabs, and will be notified by a blinking Meebo tab when you have a new message. It will be available to chat with people on AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo. The addition of the Meebo module in Netvibes is just another way for both of these startups to get a boost in popularity. It is always good to see Web 2.0 companies integrating their services together!