Just last night Netvibes got a pretty nice makeover that allows people to choose from various themes. The selection that they have available is pretty limited at this point but they are all very nice which is great: quality over quantity. You can access the new themes by going to the Settings located in the upper-right corner of the screen. I think my favorite theme is the Silver one which I have pictured above.

NetVibes Video Search There are also three modules that I don’t remember seeing before. The first one is a MySpace module which is something that I won’t really use since I don’t have a MySpace account. The second one is a Writely module which will retrieve your documents so that you have easy access to them.

The third one that is new, and is probably the best, is the Video Search module. It allows you to search Google, YouTube, and DailyMotion for videos and it will show you the search results right there. You can then choose which video you want to watch and start playing it! This is definitely a clever concept and it almost makes me want to switch to Netvibes from my Google Personalized Homepage.

So who out there uses Netvibes and who uses Google Personalized Homepage? If you use one or the other what is preventing you from switching?