Yesterday Netvibes announced several new features and it seemed like every few hours they were blogging about something new. That’s why I didn’t write about them yesterday because I wasn’t sure if they were going to stop or not. Here are the new features that they have added:

–Hotmail/AOL Mail Integration (Blog Post)–

Just like the Gmail module there are now modules for Hotmail and AOL Mail. Nothing I would use but I’m sure it will make a lot of users happy.

Netvibes Hotmail/AOL


–Video/Podcast Search (Blog Post)–

Their Video Search module has been extended to include MySpace videos and they also decided to make a Podcast module. That Podcast Search will find episodes from iTunes, Odeo, Pluggd, and Podemus.

Netvibes Video/Podcast Search


–New Searching / Filtering Feature (Blog Post)–

The new search feature is great because it will enter the search term into all of the search boxes that you have on your Netvibes page. That means you can simultaneously search the Web, Podcasts, Blogs, Videos, and Images with a single click.

That is pretty useful but the filter feature is probably my new favorite thing that Netvibes introduced. It lets you quickly search for content from your Gmail modules, feeds, To Do lists, and much more. Just type the search in and it will filter/highlight the content on the page accordingly:

Netvibes Filter


That’s all of the new features for now but I’m sure they will continue to release new things like they always do. I really love the Halloween theme that they released awhile back and I still actually use that for my Netvibes page. I just wish they would release a similar color scheme that was not just for Halloween.

Keep up the great work Netvibes!