Netvibes has been chuggin’ along well, introducing new features to prepare for their latest Coriander Release. Just a few weeks ago they trickled out new features for that release like the theme (rounded corners, shiny colors), and today they took the last big step by releasing Coriander in its entirety.

There are several new features like easy sharing of your customized Netvibes modules, a quick start feature where newbies can get their Netvibes set up easier, and a new search module that makes it easy to compare maps between Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Live Maps. That is useful in case a map service doesn’t have a satellite view for a particular area, you could try another.

While all of these new features are great additions to Netvibes and their Coriander release, I think by far the best change is with the RSS Reader. Now you’ll notice a “show website” button within your feed reader.  Clicking on it will take you from viewing the content in the feed to viewing the actual website all while remaining in your reader.

That means that it’s no longer a burden if you want to comment on an article because you don’t have to navigate away from the page you’re currently on.  Another huge plus for users is when sites only publish partial feeds.  This gives you quick easy access to the full articles.

Not only does this benefit the users with quick easy access to the full content, it also benefits the publishers because they’re going to be getting more views on their site because people wont’ be relying solely on the feed.

When you click on the “show website” button, you’re actually put into a “show website” mode, and you’ll stay in that mode until you click on the “Go back to the feed view”.  They’ve made it so that with one click, you can easily switch between the feed view, and the web site view.


One area that they might want to improve on is coming up with a way to manage a lot of feeds.  They could easily provide a link at the top of the reader so that you could click to go to the next un-read feed. By doing that it wouldn’t make it quite so difficult to navigate through a larger number of feeds.

Overall, Netvibes did a great job with Coriander, and with the improvements/additions, particularly the RSS Reader, they really stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can find the official release announcement here with further details on some of the other changes and improvements.