Netvibes has just added a Google Search box to the top of all Netvibes pages. Before you dismiss it because you already have a Google Search box (or any other search box) at the top of your browser, take a look at what it’s all about because they did a great job implementing it.

Now when you go to your Netvibes page, the Google Search box stands prominently up at the top. When you perform a search, the Google search results page automatically opens up in a new Netvibes tab with the results. What’s nice is that within the results is an additional Google Search box, so if you wanted to perform another search without opening a new tab, you’d enter your search term there. Checkout the screenshot below to see what we are talking about.

netvibes integrated google search.png

Some of you may not like the idea of the results showing up in a new tab every time, so for you, you’ll want to go into the options to make a few changes. Just click on the Settings, and then look for the “Search” section on the General settings page. By default your results show in a new tab but you can change it to include them in the same tab. While you’re in the settings, you can also decide if you want the search box below the title (default) or above the title. If you simply don’t want the search box, this is where you can decide to have it hidden.

Netvibes really did a nice job integrating search. They even included the various Google result categories that you can switch between like Video, Blog, News, Images, Books, and more. We like that it works how you’d expect it to work, so it’s intuitive which makes it easy to use.