People have been anticipating the Netvibes Universal Widget API for quite a while now, and finally it’s been released. Now developers will be able to create Netvibes widgets that can be used as a Vista gadget, Mac Widget, or even used on your Google personalized homepage.This makes it easy to put your favorite widgets anywhere you’d like.

There are just a few widgets as of now, but I can imagine that the selection will grow quickly. According to the Netvibes announcement, Tariq Krim says, “We believe at Netvibes that UWA can really change the way we produce and develop widgets. We’ve been working hard to release it. As you know, the Universal Widget API will replace the Mini-Module API that was used on Netvibes.”

Below is an example of what the Digg module looks like as a Netvibes widget first, then as a Google gadget, and finally as a Dashboard widget:

Digg1 Digg2 Digg3

The video below give you a good idea of how it works universally as well. It shows someone adding the Digg gadget to the Netvibes homepage, then they add it to the Google Personalized Homepage, and finally to the Mac Dashboard.

If you’re a developer, they’ve set up a Developer Network site with forums to help you get started. This UWA is big news, and it’ll be great once developers start releasing their work, and there’s a variety of widgets to choose from.