Netvibes2GoAs our lives continue to get more and more busy we increase our reliance on getting information sent to our fingertips. In July 2006 Google realized the importance of providing users with a mobile experience that would enhance their productivity, and therefore launched a Google Personalized Homepage for mobile devices.

Netvibes won’t be left behind because they too have created their own mobile homepage. The address for the mobile version is and you’ll use your normal Netvibes account information to login.

According to Unwired View you’ll then be able to do things like view your ToDo list, check the weather, and view whether you have new Gmail messages. Some of the things are read-only when being used on a mobile device, such as the ToDo list, note taking, and calendar, but one thing you can still use are the search fields. This will give you a central location to access the search engines that you use the most, which might save you from having to type in multiple URL’s to find what you’re looking for.

You can also try and use modules that do not explicitly say that they are compatible with the Netvibes2Go, but there is no guarantee that they will work. The good news is that an incompatible module will not cause an error, instead the module just won’t load. Now that is some smart thinking by the Netvibes team!

What’s one of the most important things with Netvibes though? Feeds of course. The mobile version does indeed let you read your feeds, but they will appear in a plaintext format. This means any colored text, right/left aligned images, and any other formatting will not be shown.

I’m really impressed with Netvibes2Go even though I haven’t actually played with it personally. My phone doesn’t even have Internet right now because I always found it so tedious to try and do things on it, but Netvibes2Go would make it really easy to do things like read news and do a quick search on Google. It’s almost tempting to get Internet service back on my phone.