New Ajax-Powered Yahoo Homepage Launches Today!

Yahoo has launched their new Ajax powered, redesigned homepage today in the U.S.! Up until today it has been in beta which was made available for all to see back in May at It will be released in other areas of the Globe throughout the month.Some countries such as India, Ireland, UK, and Canada already have a localized version available. Yahoo has over 500 million users with many of them getting their first glimpse at Ajax today as the new page launches.

More personalization and collaborative filtering, along with the above mentioned Ajax are some of the most noticeable additions to the new homepage which is quite different from the Yahoo so many are accustomed to. Yahoo has set up a “What’s-New Tour” to point out some of the changes like Yahoo Answers, a place to get your questions answered from real people.

As a side note, while browsing their new page, I clicked on the Yahoo Company info page. Out of curiosity I clicked on “our core values- our DNA, what makes us tick…” They list the typical excellence, innovation, teamwork, etc. However, they also have a list of what they don’t value complete with emoticons. I think they spent more time on the list of what they don’t value than what to do. Regardless, it gave me a few laughs with things like broken links, bad apples, high horses, all work-no fooz, punching the clock, ALL CAPS, and missing the boat.

If you haven’t already checked out the new Yahoo, go take a look!

News Source: Read/Write Web