When the “Get a Mac” campaign started back in 2006, most everybody (PC and Mac users alike) got at least a little chuckle out of the commercials. They were funny. At some point though, it started to get a little old. The PC guy is always the stuffy boring person in a suit and the Mac guy is always the “cool dude.” When Vista came out, the commercials went from making general comparisons between PC’s and Mac computers to bashing Windows Vista over and over again. Now when the commercials air on TV, you get an idea of why Vista is supposedly bad but usually no idea as to why Leopard is superior. There is definitely something wrong with that…

Now the latest Get a Mac ad is distorting the facts. It’s one of those two-part top and side banner web ads (examples here and here) that appear on a handful of different sites. It starts out the same as usual and then the PC looks up and says “Oh great, another bad review of Vista. Looks like we need to do an emergency refresh.” What he’s looking at are two different quotes – one from CNET and one from PC Mag. They called them “reviews” in the ad but the CNET quote came from an opinion section so it was far from a review. The PC Mag quote was the title of a column in which the author talked about how there was nothing really wrong with Vista, but that Microsoft does need to do some work on their next operating system to make it great.

At this point, it’s about time that Apple shift gears and start a new ad campaign, perhaps one that points out features of Leopard instead of pointing out why Vista is “bad.” If they have to turn to distorting the facts to come up with an ad, it’s time for something new, don’t you think?

And perhaps Apple doesn’t realize that their commercials have a lot of people rooting for the PC guy. A few days ago an article appeared on Digg in which the author said “When I would watch the Mac ads with the nerdy PC guy and the cool Mac dude, I always secretly rooted for the PC guy.” One of the comments was, “Dude, everybody does.  I love my Mac, but PC guy is funny and likable, while Mac guy is just smug.” That comment ended up with 575+ diggs so clearly he wasn’t the only person that felt that way.

Source: Gizmodo