It’s been a month since Apple started distributing their Safari browser to Windows users with rather questionable practices. Anyone that had either QuickTime or iTunes installed would receive a prompt stating that there was a Safari “update” available, regardless of whether it had ever been installed on the machine. That didn’t go over too well with the online community.

The thing that really irked me is that even if you unchecked the box next to Safari and quit the updater it would still prompt you later on that updates were still available. After some frustration I noticed that I could go to the Tools menu and click the Ignore Selected Updates option to push Safari into the forsaken abyss.

Well, Apple is trying to silence the critics out there with an update to their updater. The new updater has a section dedicated solely to software that has never been installed:

apple software update

The other good news is that the new updater will not pester you with notifications for software that you don’t have installed. That means you don’t have to ignore the updates to hide the nagging popup, but the checkbox for any software that’s not installed will remain checked. The next time that you go to install an update to an existing Apple product could therefore result in having new software installed as well. So from my point of view Apple almost did the right thing, but to satisfy Asa Dotzler from Mozilla and myself they would need to uncheck the install box for new software by default.

[via eWeek]
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