As you may have seen, we’ve been starting several different types of featured articles. We’ve been doing the daily CyberNotes for well over a year now, and that it truly one of the unique aspects of oursite. We’ve also started doing some other featured types of articles, and we thought it would be beneficial to our readers if we did a recap of the different "featured" articles before we layout the newest addition:

  • CyberNotes (started June 2006) – This is a daily article that is aims to solve problems, introduce new software and sites, and teach you how to do things. Some of these articles are quite lengthy, and we pride ourselves on the content they contain.
  • Helpful Tips (started June 2007) – These are tips that you may find useful when the time calls for it, such as cleaning your keyboard.
  • MyFive (started September 2007) – This is the newest addition to CyberNet , and definitely one of my favorites. Here we come up with a list of five items that can span across a wide range of topics. It can be things we like, things we don’t like, or just stuff that’s fun.
  • NEW! Daily Downloads (starting September 2007) – This is essentially going to be a brief rundown of software that has received updates. We’ll probably provide a short list of some of the changes to go along with each to help you better decide whether the upgrade is worth it. Now don’t worry, we’ll still be covering the major releases to programs in their own posts, but this will give us a way to keep you up-to-date on the new updates we wouldn’t otherwise write about.

We plan on starting the Daily Downloads article tomorrow, and I think most of you will be welcoming it with open arms. It will always be posted shortly after our CyberNotes on each weekday, and if you come across an update to a program, don’t hesitate to send us a tip!