I’m not sure how many of our eagle-eyed visitors noticed the 15-minutes of downtime last night, but I know some of you did because Max started a discussion in the forum about it. The update was to add some of the most requested features that people have been wanting, and I’m going to introduce them to you right now!

–More Feeds–

CyberNet Feeds Kyle emailed me the other day wanting to know if there was anyway that he could get our Daily Downloads posts in their own separate feed. That sparked what I like to consider a “duh!” moment, and so we decided to create feeds for each of our featured articles:

  • CyberNotes (feed)
    Posting frequency: Every day
    Description: This is a daily article that is aims to solve problems, introduce new software and sites, and teach you how to do things. Some of these articles are quite lengthy, and we pride ourselves on the content they contain.
  • Daily Downloads (feed)
    Posting frequency: Every weekday
    Description: This is the newest addition to CyberNet, and is essentially a brief rundown of software that has received updates. We provide a short list of some of the changes to go along with each to help you better decide whether the upgrade is worth it.
  • Helpful Tips (feed)
    Posting frequency: Couple times a week
    Description: These are tips that you may find useful when the time calls for it, such as cleaning your keyboard.
  • MyFive (feed)
    Posting frequency: Couple times a week
    Description: This is definitely one of my favorites. Here we come up with a list of five items that can span across a wide range of topics. It can be things we like, things we don’t like, or just stuff that’s fun.

I’m guessing that a lot of people will be using these feeds as a supplement to our main feed, but these will probably be tracked more carefully. Maybe you have a folder of “important feeds” like me, and you want to put the Daily Downloads in there to ensure you don’t miss one of the posts?

–Much Better Comment Tracking–

We’re extremely happy with everyone that tracks commenting on the site because it helps us build the respected community that we want, and today we have a new feature that will make keeping up with comments a lot easier. Let me introduce you to the Live Comment Preview located on the Management page.

CyberNet Unread Comments Reading

Yep, all you have to do is hit the arrow to the left of the article’s title and you’ll instantly see all new comments to the post. You no longer have to remember which comment you last read on a given post, because we do that for you! And don’t forget, you can mark a post as read simply by hitting the green checkmark or by clicking the “Mark All Read” button on the bottom.

–AJAX Comment Editing–

CyberNet AJAX Comment Editing As long as you’re a registered user you’ll be able to edit any comment you post for up to 15 minutes. That’s nothing new, but now when you click the “Edit” button you’ll be able to make changes on the same page that you left your comment! Ah, the wonders of AJAX.

Hat tip to Max for the suggestion!

–And More–

We’ve also made some bug fixes and backend performance enhancements that should speed up the site. As always send us suggestions on what you would like to see the site do. Everything that we’ve implemented today has come at the request of our readers, and your feedback is of the utmost importance to us.