CyberNet Classics I finished a new feature for the site last weekend that I’ve been wanting to do for months. Several sites that I read will, on occasion, write about posts that they had put together a year or two ago (Lifehacker for example). That’s a great idea because new readers will likely never see some of the older articles if it weren’t for posts like that.

We wanted to do something similar, but we were trying to figure out the best way to do it. We were fiddling with the idea of doing posts periodically, but we realize that those of you who follow us regularly may just see that as clutter. That’s when the idea of an RSS feed came about. What we’ve managed to do is create a completely automated and randomized RSS feed for the website that “posts” about three times everyday:
(pulls from 4,500+ posts)

We made it smart enough so that it won’t duplicate any of the posts until it has gone through them all at least once. And don’t worry, we know many of you only care about the CyberNotes articles that we write everyday. That’s why we also assembled a randomized feed only for those articles:
(pulls from 550+ posts)

Unlike the other feed, however, this one will only post new articles about once a day. You’ll also notice that on both feeds we place the date each article was written on the very first line of the feed entry so that everyone is clearly aware when that particular article was written.

We’re still tinkering with the idea of increasing the post frequency on each of those feeds, and we would love to hear what you think about that. We just know that many of you are already overwhelmed with posts in your feed reader, and we thought that keeping the update interval low would be better.