There has been all kinds of controversy in the Digg arena the past week with two big companies, Dell and Yahoo, both creating Digg-like sites to receive user feedback. While both sites credited Digg for their style, Yahoo! decided to leave things alone and not mention anything else about subject…after all they didn’t want to try and feed the fire. Dell, however, wanted to make sure that the public knew their intentions were not to compete with Digg:

Dell IdeaStorm is not a news site. Its purpose is to allow customers to voice and discuss ideas that they’d like to see. We are not building a Digg competitor and have no intention to do so.

The thing that makes this whole thing so funny in my mind is that these are just feedback/suggestion sites! Sure they are being released by these large corporations but they aren’t trying to pull users away from the Digg community. In fact, they probably won’t even get that much traffic. So maybe the Digg crowd should focus on some of the real Digg-clones…

Pligg is a piece of software that you run on a server to create a community driven site similar to Digg. The funny thing is that this software is being used all over the Web with other people hoping to create the next Digg. The default theme has a really nice appearance to it that gives a site a nice look out-of-the-box, and far enough away from Digg’s default look that it shouldn’t be much of a problem (test out the default theme with the Pligg Demo here). However, there are always some people out there who want to create Digg sites that look so much like the original Digg that you will have to do a double take. One example that we had previously mentioned is SuperGu which had a similar layout to Digg and even sported a Digg Spy clone. Now there is a new Pligg theme in town I reckon that it wants to be just like Digg:

Digg Pligg

Even though that is in Chinese I’m sure you can see the resemblance to the original Digg site. There is an English version of the theme available (download mirror) so anyone can make their own site that looks just like Digg. Unfortunately I didn’t see a demo available of this theme so I am just using the screenshot that the theme developer posted, but it is probably exactly what it looks like.

I’m not sure if Digg can really do anything about this theme being made available since they don’t have a copyright on the site’s style, but I’m sure the Digg crowd would give a lashing if they found out about this.

Download the Digg-like Theme for Pligg (Mirror)