Back in March Yahoo redesigned their personalized homepage (My Yahoo), to give it a new Web 2.0 look and feel.  It was a huge improvement, but at the time they said they weren’t done yet. They promised new features, and just last night some of those features started rolling out.

There’s a lot of competition in the personalized homepage arena with Google putting a big focus on theirs, but also with Netvibes and Pageflakes who thus far, have been very successful startups and have been able to hold their own.

Changes you’ll notice with My Yahoo:

  • Improved calendar module with read/write functionality.
  • Improved bookmarks module (now you can add new bookmarks right from the module).
  • More content to choose from: List of blogs and additional sources from around the web.

The screenshot below shows what the calendar looks like. You’ll also notice the new “My Netflix” module (screenshot from TechCrunch):


My Yahoo looks great, and it’s easy to use.  For the casual, everyday user, I’d say that they ought to be pretty satisfied.  For the more involved (more geeky) users, I think Yahoo is still lacking in features for them.

I used My Yahoo many, many years ago and then eventually stopped using it.  More recently when Netvibes came around I decided to give it a try. If I had to choose between My Yahoo and Netvibes, I’d stick with Netvibes because it caters to the more involved user.

What’s nice is that there’s competition, and everybody is stepping up their game because of it. People tend to like the personalized homepages, and I think they’ll only continue to get better as everybody tries to one-up the others.

If you’d like to learn more about the changes at My Yahoo, you can read through My Yahoo’s “about” section for details. Overall, the changes are nice.