It looks as though the teams working on Google’s Presentations and Documents applications have been busy over the last several months. Both have new features that make the online applications even better. 

We’ll start with Google Docs first.  One of the newest features will allow you to add a heater and/or footer to your documents.  It’s one of those basic features in desktop office suites that is often taken for granted. If you’d like to add a header or footer to your document in Google Docs,  just go to the “Insert Tab” and look for the “Header” and “Footer” options across the top. When you click to add a header, it will place a box at the top outlined with a dotted line where you can insert your text.  It works the same for the footer, except the box for the text is placed at the bottom of your document (as shown below). You can format those headers and footers, and align the text however you’d like (centered).

header and footer

Moving on to Google Presentations, they too have a list of new features to kick off the new year. Here’s what you’ll find new:

  • Embeddable Presentations
  • Import slides from other presentations
  • Drag and drop image insertion
  • Easily rearrange slides
  • Change the background to a solid color or upload an image – apply to just one slide or all
  • Updated toolbar that’s easier on the eyes

Sources: Google Operating System, Official Google Docs Blog