New Features In Picasa 2.5 Beta

If you are looking for some software to play around with then Picasa 2.5 will amuse you for a little while. Google Operating System has a list of some new features that version 2.5 has including the ability to search for photos based upon the colors they contain. If you want to see what photos you have with the color green you simply type color:green into the search box. This is all done without needing to add a single tag or description to your photos. Now it will be easy to find those pictures of a sunset! It would be cool to have this kind of searching extend even further. Think about if you could do a search for building:White House. We will probably get there some day and with Google at the wheel it will probably be sooner rather than later. You can download Picasa 2.5 Beta if you want to give these new features a whirl.