Who says your iPod is just for music? If you have an iPod, chances are, you use iTunes. And if you use iTunes, you probably already know that you can purchase games for your iPod, assuming you have a Video iPod. What you probably don’t know is that they’ve recently added Ms. Pac-Man. They don’t add games very often, so consider this big. I don’t know how easy it is to play Pac-Man using the scroll wheel on an iPod, but apparently it’s doable.


All games at the iTunes store are $4.99 which isn’t too bad, although the selection of games they offer are all ones that you could play for free online. They have classic games with some of my favorites like Bejeweled, Tetris, Sudoku, and Mahjong. If you’re into card games, they also have Solitaire.

As with your music, all you have to do is sync your iPod with iTunes, and the game(s) will transfer over. It’s as easy as that. And with the newly added Ms. Pac-Man, you’ll have 256 levels of mazes to occupy your time! Assuming you want to pay $4.99…

Source: Pocket Gamer