With the Mac Leopard operating system getting released just a few weeks ago it is no surprise that there are some new Get A Mac ads available. They are titled Podium, PR Lady, and Boxer.

As always Apple has posted the videos in the MOV format, which requires you to have Quicktime or some other more advanced media player installed to watch the videos. That’s why earlier this year I started a post over in the forum which has every Get A Mac ad available via Google Video, thereby eliminating the need for Quicktime. Have you seen all 28 of the ads? If not head on over to the forum to watch them all.

Out of the three new ones I would have to say that Podium is the best, followed by PR Lady, and then Boxer. Most of the videos take advantage of the fact that people are switching back to XP, which was a good angle for them to take. Without further ado here are the three new Get A Mac ads:


–PR Lady–