Google Toolbar Button IE

It looks like Google has now released a button for the Google Toolbar that will allow users to view upcoming events in their calendar. This button is only for Internet Explorer because the Google Toolbar in Firefox does not have the capability of adding buttons. Don’t be too disappointed because it just shows the events in a menu-like fashion…nothing too special.

Maybe Google doesn’t work so hard at developing these kind of abilities in Firefox because they know other people will develop extensions for them. Just like this sweet Google Calendar Notifier extension. The bad part about the extension is that it just shows you the events for the current day, but it does an amazing job.

Even Opera users haven’t been left in the dark because someone has made a widget that will show you a read-only version of your calendar. This one definitely has a sweet interface!

If you know of any other cool Google Calendar add-ons/plug-ins/extensions/widgets let us know. We love trying out new stuff!