Google Desktop Google just released a new version of their desktop searching software that is compatible with Windows Vista and has a little more eye candy. Just like the sidebar that is included with Vista this one now offers a transparency option so that the background is see-through.

Besides a great new look Google Desktop Search 4.5 also supports file searching in Vista, Office 2007, and Firefox 2. Hmmm…that looks like everything that is new with this version. :(

Microsoft has done an amazing job integrating search capabilities all throughout Vista and that is one reason I won’t be able to switch back to Windows XP. The search box that is located in the Start Menu makes it easy to access files, folders, and shortcuts by typing just a few letters.

The sidebar that Vista ships with also has items that can be added which are very comparable to those found in Google Desktop Search. Google currently has a larger selection of Gadgets than the Windows Sidebar but I’m sure there will quickly be more developed over time.

One thing is for sure and it’s that Google better watch out because Microsoft is going to sweep up a huge market share when it comes to desktop searching and people using a sidebar on their PC. I’m not sure what Google could add to make it better but they definitely need to come up with something. Right now their software offers nothing that makes me want to install it on Vista.

News Source: Google Desktop Blog