Google Notebook 

Google Notebook is, in my opinion, one of the best tools for saving content from websites. It just got a lot better, too, with some of the most requested features getting implemented. The most notable addition is support for labels, which in Google terminology means tags. Just like in Gmail you can label each of your notes, and then you can view notes according to the labels. I tested out the new system and I have to say that it is rather impressive.

Interestingly enough Google Notebook also pulls in all of your Google Bookmarks and places them under the Unfiled notebook. Naturally you would expect the notebook to be called “Bookmarks” because “Unfiled” isn’t very descriptive, but I guess that was Google’s call. From the Unfiled notebook you can add/remove labels and comments from your bookmarks. A word of caution though: once you move a bookmark into another notebook it will no longer be accessible from your bookmarks.

There are also some more advanced sorting and filtering options, such as one for finding notes that haven’t been labeled and another for sorting notes from A to Z or by date. All of these features are available on both the web interface and in the Firefox extension.

This makes me really happy to see Google integrating some of their services together. What they really need to do now is get Google Notebook inside of Gmail, because I’d have to imagine that a lot of people would use this as an alternative to emailing themselves a reminder.

Google Notebook [via Google OS]