Google has finally released the new Google Talk that was available for testing a little over a week ago. Excitement was in the air when the testing version hit the web, and it is now official! The new Google Talk not only supports themes in your chat windows, but it also has logos that each user can pick for themselves. They are taking a step towards MSN Messenger but at the same time they are keeping it simple, like we all love!

The popularity of Google Talk definitely broke ground when they implemented the chatting features into GMail. This gives everyone the opportunity to chat with people no matter what computer they are on. To take it one step further they are now offering Google Talk on Blackberry devices. I am not currently an owner of one of these but they are supposed to be pretty sweet (despite the steep fees). Now you can chat with your contacts on-the-go.

New Google Talk For PC And Blackberry Handhelds New Google Talk For PC And Blackberry Handhelds

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