Last year Wal-Mart started selling a Linux-powered computer for under $200 called the gPC. After some confusion amongst consumers they decided to boot the budget computers from the store shelves, and offer it solely online. Ever since it looks as though the operating system that powers the low-cost computer, called gOS, has started to go through an identity crisis with Mac OS X.

The most obviously clone is the dock that is the home of your application shortcuts. The gOS has had that ever since it debuted last year, but it’s worked hard to become even more Mac-like in its latest release dubbed gOS Space 2.9. The goal of the new version was to become more appealing to the 100+ million MySpace users, and thanks to the Avant Window Navigator a feature remarkably similar to Mac OS X’s Stacks has been added to the dock. Not to mention that it includes Compiz Fusion for some added eye candy.

And as Crunchgear noticed even the gOS site has become remarkably similar to that of Apple’s:

gOS Website:
gos site

Apple’s Mac OS X Website:
apple site

So what do you think? Are they smart for trying to grab ideas from an operating system that is often lauded for its great design, or should they be trying to distinguish gOS from the competition?

The gOS Space 2.9 Linux operating system is freely available for download.