Last week we wrote about a break-through image scaling technology that took into account the content of the photo. The video demonstration that they provided was, in my opinion, nothing short of astonishing. Now one-week later we have a scaled down (no pun intended) Flash version created by a third-party.

It’s nowhere near as extravagant as the application in the demo, but the basic concept behind it is the same. You have to find a photo hosted online, and provide the URL of the photo to the site. I had some troubles getting some larger images to work correctly, and I got the best performance with "medium" sized photos from Flickr.

Here is a before and after shot of the content aware image resizing technology using this photo:

Golden Gate Bridge Image Scalling

I would say the end result isn’t all that bad, although there is some choppiness located around the moon. What should really happen with each "seam" that is cut out is that each pixel should get blended with its neighbor.

To be honest I went through over a dozen photos before finding one that scaled decently, and photos with people in them were exceptionally horrible. Of course, one of the most prominent features originally demonstrated was being able to mark areas of a photo to be ignored or removed first, and this demo does not have those capabilities.

Oh yeah, and one of the co-inventors of the technology has since gotten employed by Adobe…so I think we all know what’s coming to Photoshop.

Try the Content Aware Image Resizing
Source: TechCrunch & Google Blogoscoped