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Apple’s big “Let’s Rock” event just finished up and as expected, the iPod Nano stole the show. As you can see from the picture above, the new Nano is longer and has some more rounded features, but it also comes in a whole rainbow of colors sure to please anyone.

New iPod nano features:

  • Front of nano is curved glass
  • Thinnest iPod ever!
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Now comes with accelerometer which means photos and video can be viewed in landscape mode
  • New recording feature accessible when it detects a microphone
  • Can create Genius playlists right from the nano (will explain Genius playlists below)
  • New “Shake” feature – shake your nano to activate the shuffle mode

There are two different storage sizes available – 8GB for $149 and 16GB for $199. the 8GB should be available today and the 16GB should be available at the latest, by early next week. This new nano definitely incorporates some of the elements of the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

Other Announcements at the “Let’s Rock” event:

Updated iPod Touch

The iPod Touch was redesigned and updated, as expected with a thinner, contoured steel design. It includes an integrated volume control on the side, a built-in speaker, genius playlist creation right from the device, and App store access.

App Store UpdateIt’s been 60 days since the app store launched and over 100 million apps have been downloaded, although we don’t know now many of those are paid and how many were free.


iTunes Statistics – available to users are:

  • 8.5 million songs
  • 125,000 podcasts
  • 30,000 episodes of TV shows
  • 2.6K Hollywood movies
  • 3,000 applications for iPhone and iPod Touch

Jobs was sure to point out that they are the #1 music distributor in any format – ahead of Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Not too shabby.

In addition to the offerings above, iTunes will now have TV shows in HD available for $2.99 per episode. Regular definition shows are $1.99. NBC is also coming back to iTunes.

iTunes 8

iTunes 8 offers some new browsing opportunities. There’s also a “Genius” feature which in a nutshell, will automatically make playlists for you from the songs in your library that go great together, with one click. The Genius feature also shows recommendations from the iTunes store of songs you may want to buy.

iPhone Update coming Friday…

Yet another update for the iPhone is coming. It is supposed to fix “lots of bugs” – in particular, improved battery life, fewer dropped calls, fixes issues with crashing problems, and increases the speed for iTunes backups.

Lots of iPhone owners have been eagerly awaiting this update, particularly because it is supposed to fix the dropped calls issue.

Updated headphones

Finally, worth noting is that Apple announced some new in-ear headphones. Jobs says that there are two drivers in each (woofer + tweeter) and they will cost $79. He says, “they finally got it right this time.”

Source: Thanks to Gizmodo’s GREAT live coverage!